Department of Chemistry

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The Chemistry Section at Uppsala University has re-organized and since 2012 consist of two Departments: The Department of Chemistry - BMC, and the Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory.

This website belongs to the former Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry, which contained the program of Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Quantum Chemistry. These 3 programs are now devided between the two Departments of Chemistry, on BMC and Ångström.

While the new website is under construction all information can still be found on the old websites. Information about the other research programs within Chemistry can be found on the following links:


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Analytical Chemistry performs methodological studies of mass spectrometry in combination with various high resolution/high sensitivity separation techniques. The methods are applied to clinical and environmental problem solving, and in particular to neurodiagnostic analysis in close collaboration with the University’s medical faculty.

Physical Chemistry uses surfaces to control different chemical and physical processes. Hard materials (metal oxides) and soft materials (lipids and polymers) are studied using a broad physico-chemical approach with both experimental and theoretical techniques. The systems are used in several applications, such as solar cells, controlled drug delivery and enrichment of biomolecules.

Quantum Chemistry specializes in theoretical studies of bulk and surface reactions. By calculating the energetics of proposed reaction paths the feasibility of any chemical process can be assessed. At the most fundamental level studies of quantum computing and the properties of anti-matter are being undertaken.